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Meeting 4 - Lodz, Poland

Meeting dates: 27.11.2014 – 28.11.2014
Host organization: KGK Partners
Place: Hotel Tobaco, Kopernika 64, 90-553 Lodz, Poland


  • Presentation of the project activities carried out after the first project meeting: presentation on a draft version of the iFiscus - Family Budget Management ITC tool and testing workshop;
  • Conduct exemplary workshops in the field of financial intelligence;
  • Familiarize participants and conducting educational cash flow game - The Investing Game;
  • Overview of the dissemination activities carried out by the consortium;
  • Administrative and financial queries regarding the project reporting;
  • Meeting evaluation and distribution of the next project activities until next project meeting.

To download the minutes from this meeting please click here.


iFiscus - Financial Steps Workshops
iFiscus - Financial Steps Workshops - presentation

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Meeting dates: 27.11.2014 ??? 28.11.2014